2:30 A.M.

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The train’s whistle is echoing past my window
and I can’t help but wish it would take me away.

Take me on a one-way adventure, Mr. Conductor.
Get me out of this town.
I want to follow the tracks until we come to an abrupt stop.

I want to watch familiar faces get off at their destination,
as unfamiliar ones take their place.
Look out your gray tinted window at those views!
The sun setting, the moon rising, the countryside.

Let’s spray graffiti across the siding and call it a masterpiece.
We’ll tear holes in our seats until there’s enough to represent our hearts,
And then we’ll bandage them back together again with all our broken parts and call it one.

We can climb to the surface,
Proudly proclaim the wind as ours and let it catch our hair.
This is what freedom tastes like.

Take me away.
Show me all life has to offer
and all it doesn’t.

– Jasmine Davis

editors note:

In those early hours, eager are we to hear the call. “All aboard!” – mh clay

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