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Let’s hear it
foa anadah candidate

to be considered
foa da Stupid Crooks Hall of Fame.

He wen post
wun selfie photo of himself

holding wun large amount of cash
on social media.

Dat wen help da authorities
to quickly zero in on him.

Da money
dat he wuz showing off wit

wuz part of $45,000 he wen steal
in four armed bank robberies.

Wun informant told da investigators
dat he wen spend some of da cash

on wun old Corvette
and wun root canal.

Da television news

focused on da work
dat wuz done on his teeth

and da viewing audience
taught it wuz kinnah amusing.

It wuzn’t too funny foa da thief
wen he wuz arrested dough.

Most likely he wuzn’t smiling eidah

wen dey wen sentence him
to 18 years in prison.

Tings going change foa him now.

He going have free food
free uniform
and free room and board.

To top it all off
da buggah going have free dental.

editors note:

When crime doesn’t pay, you get health care. (A pome in Hawaiian Islands Pidgin English, “Foa da fun of it!”) – mh clay

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