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There’s fire in my mind
A bright one
Bursting early morning
Burning brighter than anything else
Even the winter looks dull before it

My girlfriend asks me
If I can be uxorious towards her
I laugh laugh laugh
Like sweet winter of Kathmandu
There’s snow here
No snow to cover me up
Cover up my heart and body
My parched hands

My face becoming brighter again
I look for places to gormandize momos
And what I eat instead
Saddening faces and hearts blocked by dusts
And blockade

I have no oniomania
I am penniless like before
Am I depressed looking at the situation of people?
I cannot see people in rural areas
Of struggling Nepal

I don’t see hungry people
Or shivering children
I think of doing pandiculation
Stretch this heart
Stretch this mind
And everything else

Perhaps this is a nocturne?

What you say?

An apology for having a bigger belly
I have loads of books
Call me a bibliotaph

Check my mind please
It is burning
There’s fire on my mind

– Arun Budhathoki

editors note:

A consciousness conflagration, sparked through awareness of others’ plights. Fan the one; extinguish the other. – mh clay

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