The Forever Question

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The next time he asks her
she is floating languidly
in a pond.
Her hair moves
with the rushes,
her eyes murky
and muddy.
As he leans over,
her eyes suddenly clear.
He sees himself
Smiling, her lips part.
Bending close, he almost hears
the answer she
He lifts her out but
she dissolves into sand,
trickling into the pond
where she becomes a fish
that swims away
with a twitch of its tail;
can’t be caught.
He shuts his eyes.

When he opens them,
another thousand years
have come and gone.
Still he wonders,
What does she want?

– Tricia Marcella Cimera

editors note:

The big one that got away; every lonely man’s fish story. Still no clue… – mh clay

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