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Hello, Traveler!
Why are you frustrated these days?
Is it because your dream is swept away?
You will be alone in the future,
Your journey is halted,
Scared of a lone wolf future.

Hello, Traveler!
Disasters are temporary,
Be patient for sometimes
This is the fun from Nature,
There are dancing Earthquakes
and singing Thunders in
romantic moods,
One day they will try
And hope will shine
With the sunrise.

Be patient, Focus!
With your heart and mind target
The mountain of faith,
When the beams of sunrise
finally come calling at dawn
We will get new hopes of life.

In that moment
You should also
Paint in different colors
With your immortal hands,
In these tragic moments
Don’t be overwhelmed,
We should spend some nights
In the open sky,
We should spend some days
In the hunger stomach,
I think you are well-known,
We should lose something
To get something,
We should be patient
For a bright future.

– Saurav Karki

editors note:

A new voice from Nepal to offer encouraging words. We can use some “new hopes of life” about now; how about you? – mh clay

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