Off the shore

by December 24, 2015 2 comments

The oars are stuck
and so the boat
in this exotic high land
far away from the shore.

But no, no problem!
I’ll see to it, fix it
and go on with
rowing, rowing, rowing

to places unknown
from where I was
or where I am. There, too,
I’ll be off the shore

though far and beyond
I can see, I can see
many a river
and many a sea.

editors note:

On this, of all eves, wherever we can be, defined by whatever we can see. – mh clay

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  2. Hem Raj Bastola

    Put some grease on stucked oar Haris sir. you may continue to row. or stucked by intention attracted by the view.

    Highland is always peaceful. if you row in the tarn with a nymph. there you will find a river to flow or the ocean to swim. keep it up haris sir.

    Thank you for your passion to poetry

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