It’s 1 am

by December 2, 2015 1 comment

Time to think
About men
Why they
Follow me around
Fix my car
Fill me up
Fight and bore
They pretend
Then go to war
Show up no more
Smile and grin
Rape a friend
Rule and run
Stand in my sun
Ask for more
Give less
Yell and hit
Bruise my lip
Shut me out
Shut me in
Tie my hands
Break my back
Leave their kin
Screw and fuck
Display their nuts
Lie about their cut
Keep me up
Love me
Hate me
Drive me insane
Make me wait
Say nice things
Compliment a tart
Play with my heart
Work at night
Cheat and steal
Make illegal deals
Spread disease
Drink some more
Do it again

Its 1 am

editors note:

If you’re gonna wash this one right out of your hair – lather, rinse and DON’T repeat. – mh clay

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