Falling Stars

by December 21, 2015 0 comments

I am tired of imagining a life where
I’m the best version of myself
While all the rest are the same

It used to take hold of me for hours
This wonderful reverie
Where I luxuriated in jolly scenarios
Of good loving
Of noble money-making
Saving children
Giving good speeches
And drinking very little
And snorting even less

But I’m tired of it
I daydream in the night for too long
Until the sun shines a pale glow
Through the autumn clouds
And the rays never seem to reach me

I have some living to do
Some people manage to delay it
With university and all
But that didn’t work out well for me

I am greedy by nature
And terribly lazy

For example
Yesterday I saw a falling star
And I wished I’d see five more
So I have five wishes
Instead of one.

– Noel Negele

editors note:

Not lazy! Focused energy; five is better than one. Not lazy at all. – mh clay

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