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Where I lost,
I found again
In somnosis.

A make believe
In dreams, a disease
Did not flow with time
To stronghold of belief
And I live
In somnosis.

Perfume flows
From her mouth.
A melody, a song I find
Listening to her
Addictive charm
A deep slumber
Brings me near.

To observe
Her dance
With waving hair
Her juicy apple cheeks
To bite.
From Mongolia or Tibet
By the effect of mountain air
She smiles among
Blooming buckwheat,
Inviting my lips
To her lips
As I employ in agreement.
I reach to drink
A current from her cheeks
And I awake
In somnosis.

Involuntary presence
In my dream
Leaves unerasable imprints
Still a quest unremitting
A deep longing to see her again
A somnambulist asks
To cordon every corner
In somnosis.

editors note:

A new condition is coined to describe this lover’s magnanimous malady. Voila; somnosis! – mh clay

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    Hem Raj Bastola

    Well! Sir Clay this malady of love is mad everywhere. Not only to my lover who loves those red , cold beaten cheeks to rotatate turbine for current. would be nice if my gentleman can meet her twice. any way thank you for ur contineous support for me. that is what it is envigorating me to be engaged mad using chisel and hammer of my words to carve. Ha ha

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