PSA 2015

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To all the victims and survivors of the current genocides/holocausts and more specifically to the brother who wore deer antlers on his head while his white co-worker-agents dressed in camo and guns posed with him laughing for the camera. Brother man, when you got up to shave that morn, did the foam on the mirror say, nigger die

The predatory nature of…
5 nanoseconds of fame 2015
Am I still smoking that shit
I could have sworn I quit 2 decades ago
Ms Wanda can you still hear us
Ms Maya are we still communicating
Are the hailing frequencies still open
Are the 4 Kings assembled for the summit
Or maybe I should just title this
PSA 2015

editors note:

To countermand the current hashtag sensation; this Public Service Announcement to color coded folks, for whom privilege is hard-gained, if ever, but mostly never granted… – mh clay

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