Mending Manifestor

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Place the palm of hand
over heart
press firmly and
send white light
like lightning
through the chest
into ventricles.
See it in the top
of the mind
as the chest feels it
through the aorta.
Sense the energy purifying
jagged electricity heals and soothes.
Follow along to blood vessels and capillaries
open awake
true and hopeful.
One knows what they are made of
knew before how to manifest
the materials needed to mend themselves.
Cup forgiveness in hands and bring it to the inner eye
quench the drought-racked thoughts
replenish dried out connections
to the inner healing mother energy
do not linger within
burst forth
reach out to the hands of earth
walk through rain soaked fields
embrace the ground
with sizzling feet
atone to the the muddy earth
Nature floods and cleanses
all worries lift to be burnt
in the atmosphere and fall back down
on loved ones as blessings and prayers.
Dance into the sinking sun
until the pain burns away
caloric fire therapy
leaves the body more
than addiction to a lover
could ever inflict.
First thoughts in mornings
should be part of a practice
gratitude and peace
Do not carry worries
through the day
carry only water
cleansing the thoughts.

editors note:

Here’s a panacea for the sick in spirit. Take it from Dr. Dez; your Main Manifestor! – mh clay

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