Homeless in Nome

by on October 28, 2015 :: 1 comment

I was beautiful once,
the homeless lady tells
the young worker

who’s filling out forms
before assigning the lady
a bed for the night.

She’s been homeless
for months since
arriving from Dallas.

She’s looking for a job
and maybe a husband
but hasn’t found either.

The worse thing, she says,
is the weather in Nome.
It’s nothing like Dallas.

With snow in the winter
and rain in the summer
in Nome she needs

something to crawl under.
Often it’s a man, she says,
with no home either.

editors note:

Why, in god’s name, leave the one to dwell in the other? Well, ‘s easy – one rhymes with home, the other with malice. – mh clay

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    Donal Mahoney

    Honestly, mh, I never consciously thought of Nome and home and malice and Dallas rhyming but the evidence is clear. You must be right and my unconscious mind simply did it without my ever thinking of it.

    I know that women at one time and perhaps still do go to Alaska to find husbands but maybe that’s not the case any more. Anyway, helluva observation. I seldom rhyme anything. But you have to be right.

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