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Before the demise of dark, they said, there were stars:
The Mighty Hunter, Gorgon’s Head and Flying Horse;
Yet, like Phaethon falling from the sky our dark is dead,
Is the only darkness, out there, on the rocks of Mars?
The Chariot of the Sun lit Earth on its sanguine course,
While streetlights cut too deep as our dark is slowly bled.

Blood soaked suns once bowed to a velvet sparkling sky,
Then candlepower showed how darkness really stood,
Seeing dusk’s long blue moment vanish in one bite.
Facing east, Earth’s shadow once gathered the owl’s cry,
Bats stored blackness in empty caves like precious food.
Drawn and pale, night is swallowed by the hungry light.

editors note:

Poetry or premonition? Hmmm… – mh clay

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