The Stirring

by September 15, 2015 0 comments

Breathless masses
Airless forests
Choking leaves
Ghosts of seasons
Brittle skeletons
Quiet tombs
Love’s requiem
Amputated limbs
Narrow prisons
Dusty chains
Blocked hallways
Crumbling stairs
Sluggish streams
Dead waters
Abandoned hopes
Grounded spirits
Antiquated laughter
Stagnation of time

Merciful sunrise
Vibrant colors
Exquisite shapes
Sweet jasmine
Deep breaths
Beautiful air
Running streams
Smiling meadows
Pink clouds
Musical wind
Whistling maples
Dancing barley
Swaying skirts
Beauty embodied
Sensual melodies
Rousing spirits
Nature primed
Cupid’s arrows
Love’s playground
Life living again
Oh beautiful life

editors note:

Dark to light, the one you like comes ’round again. Just keep stirring. – mh clay

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