The Softer Side in My Mind

by on September 24, 2015 :: 0 comments

It was one of those days; the boss spitting out wrath,
His venom was clinging; I craved to be clean.
I needed to soak in a hot bubble bath,
have some anxiety pills, maybe more than routine.

Finally restored, I pulled out the plug.
The strain and pain swirled down the drain.
But one bubble grew, out-sizing the plug.
I stood back, my rational reasoning in vain.

An amiable bubble, no sense of dread,
He bubbled about while I put on my robe.
He bounced on beside me and saw me to bed.
Then popped and dropped, this curious globe.

I may never be able to prove he was there;
But, I’d made a friend who was both gracious and rare.

editors note:

Never outgrow her/him. We stressed out adults need imaginary friends. – mh clay

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