Illusionary death Orgasm

by September 21, 2015 0 comments

I have masturbated with death
as it inflects a painful stimulation
making my heart ejaculate from
my chest.

With the loss of equilibrium my
mind swings like a pendulum…
the orgasmic grip of death
suspended from a point of
pivotal circumstance.

Yes; I have looked death in
its empty hood face;
dark abyss, soul sucking, gripping,
tearing, pulling, and
castrating silent predator;

Countless times I walked away
but not before death penetrated
my mind as I felt I had no protection
from death’s infection.

Now I sit in gloom in the darkness
of a room pondering the next time death
appears, will God adhere? I will speak;
“My flesh weak, my mind weak, and I
know that my soul is yours to keep.”

editors note:

Not so easy; coming or going. – mh clay

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