I wanted you to have something beautiful for coming so I wrote this this morning for you

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We got together and nothing happened
We plugged in and it felt like father of porcelain and mother of pearl
The night fell as a fine blue dress
I wore make-up or blushed
The monk who found champagne by mistake laughed – yelling –
find a virtuous PERSON because their price is far above rubies
I danced my genitals off
My gavel hit the floor
Judges flinched
All the flags burned themselves because inclusion is spelled with multiple eyes
Search warrant ash filled the air like a balloon race
Spock came out in search of spontaneous combustion
Leonard Nimoy whispered in my ear
It happened fast and slow and not at all till it happened all at once
Lake Worth turned upside-down and rained bomber’s tears
Humans talked
Pens refilled with the ball point ink of our most furious anger
writing letters of safe passage irreducible mirth Mother Teresa allegories open wormholes to Utopia and cool clean feather beds
for the restless never rest till the course is run
Our words were sharp and beautiful as Pam Grier in Coffy with razors razors razors in her hair
And her lips were like a graveyard and her hair was like the sun
We got together
We got together and nothing happened
We got together and nothing happened here tonight but flying carpets
Flying carpets of acceptance and love

editors note:

This is more nothing than I can handle in a night. Deeeelicious! – mh clay

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