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​a bus moves slowly                    over a torn page of history

i feel a push on the back          EMPTINESS               in a

puddle@familyplanninginindia               grass-blades flicker

in the sun       here green is OBliterated        rain objectifies

the summer heat             and the characters of a love story

published in a school magazine         the nest of a tailor (?)

bird doesn’t depend           on its country’s inflation         in

the  sweltering  summer days  good and  evil have  faces of

triumph       it’s QUEER that Adam’s desire breaks the wall

of nature          a self is viewed “as an aesthetic and ethical

object to be created and cultivated”               VIOLENCE

“schopenhaur has described the surging dread that washes

over  man  when  all  of  a sudden  he loves his way among

the cognitive forms of appearance”       in the form of social

revolution            “whoever in this intellectual sphere began

talking  about  the  immorality  of the soul was immediately

excommunicated”           the cabinet ministers lean forward

over the table while they exchange views about the forth-

coming budget            the creepy = trendy looking monster

was discovered dead by the side of a pond          sitting on

a tiny branch of a tree a crow          looks at the CATAPULT

where the prime minister of its country sits  with a package

for the poor

my book-case is full       with old reeking papers waiting for

fleshy       MUSHrooms + party guests

editors note:

​Nature, nurture, not sure, hard to bridge the gap; gotta hold it all together till the party guests arrive.​ – mh clay

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