Lil Junior

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Lil Junior
Was born an imposter
Given the name of an Irish lad
By a drunken, beating Irish man
Named Jack

Jack’s gun shot blanks
But he saw this newborn babe
as his own
A miracle child
Jack loved him so much that
He held a knife
To lil Junior’s mother’s neck
Forcing her to leap out
Of the moving auto
Breaking water
Road rash
Forcing Junior to come
Wailing upon arrival

Junior came into this world
With one eye blind
A second skin
Even he didn’t want to see
This sad scene
He was born into

He came on a wave
Riding the back of disaster
A swath of destruction so wide
The talk was thick for decades

Jack lasted all of six months
Ran out on a rail
By a wanna be mafioso
Leaving lil Junior
The bastard
He was born
To be

The familia spoke
In secret tongues
From the Old Country
Quiet whispered tones
They talked about it
Just outta earshot
Of Junior
Couldn’t have him hear
His bastard birth
Was the biggest

A miracle
A ray of sunshine
An untouchable bastard
A mystery child
No one was
Quite sure who was who
In the equation
Of mother + ___ = Junior
But the answer
Wasn’t such a mystery
For Junior knew
The truth

Junior is an imposter
He is a nameless soul
He has no home
He has no legacy
He is alone
In all his bastard glory

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