Solitary river

by July 11, 2015 3 comments

Aesthetic hallucination
One mad station
For creation

Have I
Understood of life
Looking for the rooms
Adventure to the unknown
Beyond the horizon
My eyes are

That cloud
Of a void sky
Loitering free
Shapeless mind
Thinking and thinking
Never become

In the air
On the ground I walk
Experimenting with mystery
Collecting the fossils
From a solitary

editors note:
A 21st Century Siddhartha, living his path aloud; isolation, experimentation, aesthetic hallucination. (Another from Hem Raj on his page, post-earthquake in Nepal – check it out!) – mh clay

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    Hem Raj Bastola

    Oh sir clay You made me Siddartha, ha ha I will try my best to be. to collect silence from the river hope many other will join with me to collect the fossils by the river bank. and you know fossils are worshipped here in my culture as shaligram a form of Bishnu.


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    Hem Raj Bastola

    That must be coincidence of two mad brains of texas. Are you talking about Siddartha of Herman Hess( the book you were reading at that time)? Any way it happens sometime Johnny. Any way enjoy reading . May be he is connecting siddartha as he is the river of enlightnment , peace and actually the philosophy of life what is what i believe about buddhism . Less religion. When he expound it he just mention how we can live happily. It was developed as a religion later on.

    Any way we will fly a mad plane to be happy. Ha ha ha

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