Dire Prediction

by on July 24, 2015 :: 1 comment

Service men and women,
police officers,
other functionaries
vital to society
insufficiently appreciated
by bloated consumers
frequently sheltered
from traumas of life.
Now that we are removing
the capable blue-collar class,
outsourcing jobs abroad
complementing the flight of capital,
the growth of servitude jobs
does not inspire confidence
that we will retain
men and women
who will walk through fire, bullets, blood,
to protect us.

editors note:

Prediction or prophecy? – mh clay

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  1. Hem Raj Bastola

    In my opinion could be profecy of peace to restore back in the country as most of the violent job gazets are being outgoing from ghe country. Like bullets, fire etc. Hope bullets would stop flying in the american air.

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