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Luminous cantilever bridge connects
Between the two edges of night.
How does light travel faster than me
When she is a wintry night?

The broken fossil stone
Nakedly shows the impression
That resembles a Brahmi script on a stupa.
Moths of darkness
Incongruously flock around me
And groan like chanting Pali hymns.

On the other side of luminosity
Forgotten foot-steps rock.
Heavy moments fall
From the dilapidated wall
Like tired voices over my phone.

Packs of handshakes,
Skinny smiles,
Profound stammers,
Robust whims,
Sticky glances

Perniciously define me on a podium.

Now I play an important role. I have to teach people with illustrations on
How to stand on a podium balancing on the two feet – light and darkness.

Two entities
Are two schools of architecture
That integrate.

Energy and mass remain constant
In the roadside car-park.

Migratory waits,
Since early Stone Age
Blow horn
When we meet in her neighborhood’s café.

At the coffee table
Every “!”
Proves the limit of our freedom.

editors note:

More “!”, more freedom. No limits! – mh clay

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