A Little Crazy

by June 19, 2015 5 comments

in those days
on the psych ward
where everyone was
a little crazy
she was happy, she says

it was the pure honesty of it
everyone easy about
being off-center
a relief to be herself

now, on the wide outside
of locked windows and doors
she says she doesn’t know
who to be
in this other world
where everyone works
so hard to hide
being a little crazy.

– Kathy Lohrum Cotton

editors note:

Okay to be off-center in the heart o’ the Swirl. Here, all are welcome; crazy boy and (this) crazy girl. – mh clay

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  1. Hem Raj Bastola

    Only one knows who is who. Only you know who is you . I want every mad be crazy , every crazy be mad. Be crazy in every secluded corners where you hide to be crazy. Be crazy to love. Be crazy to weep n ha ha ha laugh like a Diynosus.

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