Oh my eyes!

by April 11, 2015 1 comment

Seven women
in red petticoat
bathing in the
slender Sali nadi—
now plunging, now
stooping over
and now patting-
squeezing their hair
as the thigh-high
holy water washes away
their sin; and my sin-
ful question to the
teeming crowd of devotees
busy on both banks
cleaning their faces
or sprinkling the water
over their heads, or
making holy
their unholy mouths (?)—
by the sip of the
same waters
running down to them
from those women’s
purged bodies.

editors note:

Cleanliness is next to body-ness! Believe what you like… – mh

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  1. Hem Raj Bastola

    Oh! Let your eyes enjoy those red petticoats. Who are seeking a stareway to heaven bathing in the river. It is natural our eyes are made to see let them be clean not in their mouth and soul but the skin. And enjoy dear persona many skins of many womans ha ha ha oh your eyes, my eyes and their eyes. But let us not make them shy and feel shame, peeping unnoticed. Procession to clean.

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