My Latest Adventure

by on April 27, 2015 :: 0 comments

they call it,
but I don’t know how
to pronounce it.
Sounds like fun though;
side-effects include
nausea, vomiting, distress,
pulse racing
suicidal thoughts
twitching, shaking,
loss of consciousness
leading to coma,
abnormal dreams
loss of appetite

but sadly not bone fractures
or production of breast milk in men.

Perhaps I should go back to the Doctor
and complain;
or maybe take all the pills
at once
and see if the side-effects
come as one
or not at all

what the hell;
if you piss on a tree every day
it’s sure to grow up strange.

Sensitive to sunlight,
have problems passing water
vomiting and diarrhoea

but look at those leaves
brighter than any neon:
Doc, what else do you
want me to take?

editors note:

Big pharma calls this a cure: New symptoms to replace the old. Pissing on a tree, indeed! – mh clay

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