Jagged Edge Souls

by April 16, 2015 0 comments

Baby, all kinds of people
have different shaped souls.
A lot of people, regular people
have souls shaped like squares.
It’s easy for them to find someone.
Just another square,
to sit next to them on the couch
watch Network TV
spend their corporate paycheck.
It’s easy for square souls
to find other souls.
But me and you?
we’re complicated.
We have souls with crazy jagged edges
Like jigsaw puzzle pieces
and it’s difficult to find
that one puzzle piece of a soul
that fits next to your puzzle piece soul.
but I’ve found it.
You are the jigsaw puzzle piece to my soul.

I used to tell her this sometimes,
when she was mine, and
she used to like to hear it.

editors note:

It’s hard to pick through the pile for another perfect piece when you had one in your pocket. – mh

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