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Coffee tastes bitter,
metal tastes better

only when sliced, do I slip
into jaw breaking chewing gum,
law breaking stewing thumb,

which is floating in the soup
which, is eventually duped.

the toffee comes whittled
from the outside in,
carved and unsteady,
starved and unready

the toffee is brattled
from the inside out
as the mind stays rattled
with sharpened pencil tips,
sharpest window panes
cutting blood from blade

how should this matter
when the flavor is metal
and the taste feels warm
bitter like coffee,
but better like…

– Jada Yee

editors note:

A double-shot, hot milk-foamed, frappa-macchiato, mocha, mocha, my, my, um… can I get that with a blueberry scone? Make that two! – mh clay

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