The Narrows

by March 25, 2015 0 comments

Dolmens cast massive shadows in the narrows,
From where funnel clouds once rose in the narrows.

The wings of mynah birds shed pulsing sparks
In a cloud of ash that billows in the narrows.

Cotton grass is silvered with frosted dew
Where glistening fog flows in the narrows.

Moths dove into the flames of stone lanterns
As the shadows of wraiths rose in the narrows.

Like quivering wings, brittle leaves rise
In gales laced with echoes in the narrows.

Shafts of starlight flicker as sibyls rise
Like mist from shallows in the narrows.

Wisps of moonlit fog encircle the ferry
A cloaked figure rows in the narrows.

Pike shine like steel knives, gliding
Through sunlit shallows in the narrows.

editors note:

Fat happenings in a skinny place… – mh

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