Voguing with Current Federal Bureaucrats

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It avails science writers to try to promote military splendor.
Sucking funding from objectionable parties phases mundanities.
These days, voguing with current federal bureaucrats brings home riches.

In contrast, camping out in theatres’ utility room attracts cockroaches,
Causes pieces of plaster to fuel a need for therapists, warms idiots
Intent on taking over urban pagodas or on spilling users’ viscera in parks.

The worst penury’s easily synthesized by those suit and sunglasses types,
Who yield when declaring all manners of balderdash, slinking toward shadowy
Testimonies, spurred by the likes of cartoon characters, cheap wine, stale cookies.

To sate more than cutpurses, it’s necessary to addend stilted footnotes,
Practice tantra yoga, open one’s palms to starbursts, imbibe bad radiation.
Synthesized electricity’s a tricky matter that constantly acts unpredictably.

Leaning on utility tables, writing copious notes about army experiences,
Promises only to unpack paradigms, not to drive away cats, rats, ravens.
Declining opportunities to leave districts unprotected evokes worse neighbors.

Electing, instead, to smooth incommensurate barbs could bring peace,
Lower tax rates, cause a rise in births around holiday times. Replacing
Spectacles, too, beholdens traitors to piecework, gym exercises, vitamins.

When I grow up, I’ll set sail around corporate illusions, hire pals, eat taffy.
Otherwise plan my day so that martial innovations can readily destroy cities,
After rolling over foreign forces unwilling to pay tributes in gold or fine textiles.

Compliance in settling desert development towns equals insanity except
When payola fountains over various companies’ courtiers, dance halls, clinics.
As such, social drives succeed in raising more than the cost of cookies or sunshades.

editors note:

Our current state of affairs, deftly described; affairs of state managed by minions of War, Inc. (KJ has a new poetry book you gotta read, “The Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag.“)

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