Waiting – 1966

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Beneath the high walls of the Middlesex asylum
She waits for the bus to bring her back home.
Each hour on the half one passes the siding
And sighs in the hoping that soon hers will come.

Wind cuts the ground around Middlesex asylum
Winter brings pain that grows when it’s dark
Walls offer shelter from rain when its slicing
Waits in its shadow to keep safe and warm.

Soon all will be well in the arms of a mother,
who will kiss her face off in front of a fire.
Joy will be boundless when they sing to each other
in soft gentle tones as if still a child.

A bus breaks the mist around the asylum
Brown battered case edged to the kerb
Passes the stop with a wave from the driver
His thumb facing backwards, soon hers will come.

Evening falls to a whisper by Middlesex asylum
Last bus long gone as gas lights burn low
Rain trickles over the rim of her collar
Picks up her case and walks back through the glow.

Tomorrow again she will wait by the siding
Smile in knowing she will see mother soon
Wait at the stop that will take her to Riding
On a bus that stopped running so long ago.

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