Longest day: Liberation meditation on no-thing-ness

by on January 4, 2015 :: 0 comments

clear night sky with no star or planet or moon
clear day sky without sun or cloud or blue

bare earth without stone or dust, root, bark, flower or seed
ocean without shore or waves, foam, salt or tide

strong music with out beat or note, measure or melody
wind without direction or motion, not inhaled nor exhaled

heart empty of systole and diastole , in and
out lungs always full and empty and still

legs stepping feet tread every step of full path
arms surround empyrean with minuscule hugs

voice of silence embraces matrix of echoes
even AUM fades away

editors note:

This is the sound of one hand clapping; assets under management (AUM) hold no-thing to that of no-earth, no-heaven. Ponder this… – mh

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