bubbles and batteries

by January 5, 2015 0 comments

she shops like I imagine
with venom dripping from Prada
assertively filling her basket with dreams
with invisible powders and voodoo spells
aromas to erase the stench of the day
as if entering the malodorous haze of home
can mask her race to the exit zone

so I follow her down the aisles
the produce mocking her, daring her
canned goods, the symbolism aches to her
frozen desserts…she tears up
knowing how cold it is to be
as she lingers a bit too long before running
to her rescue in bath and beauty
where lilac bubbles flood her senses

but she checked out long ago, long before
longing took over her days, yet she knows
there’s a price to pay before leaving
the candy…
ahhh, they strategically place the candy
on your way out…next to the batteries

bubbles and batteries
that’s all she needs

editors note:

The only antidote for a Prada bite. Run a bath now… – mh

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