[The thunderclaps of chariot cavalries]

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The thunderclaps of chariot cavalries
Routed in the Peloponnesian war persist.

The knocks made by wind hurling rocks
On a citadel’s massive door persist.

The screeches of wraiths reverberating
Within a torch-lit corridor persist.

Voices whispering in the churning
Dust on a castle’s floor persist.

Prisms emitted from crystals lodged
In shards of cobalt ore persist.

The muffled chants of phantasms
Traversing an icy moor persist.

The howls of skulls formed of smoke
From Mauna Loa’s volcanic core persist.

Winds roaring in the tombs of gladiators
Massacred in the Cimbrian war persist.

The echoes of Circe raving
On a desolate shore persist.

editors note:

Poets cannot cease and desist when damn near everything persists. – mh

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