Smoking Sky

by on December 6, 2014 :: 0 comments

The sky had been smoking
xxxThick cigar puffs
xxxClouded smoke charcoal grey
xxxThe sky was dirty
xxxAnd angels came, coughing
xxxNot in clouds but in
xxxStretchy satin strings
xxxA woolly yarn mop
xxxFlowing hair and wings afloat
xxxTo clean this dirty sky
xxxTo sop the smelly smoke
xxxThe clouds, darker and darker
xxxThe further in

A layer of strawberry spread
xxxResting upon the dusty earth
xxxSweet light cream, a shroud over bitter coffee’s dark
xxxAnd embarrassed for the sky
xxxCaught in this filthy act
xxxUnwilling to confess
xxxThe horizon turns away his face
xxxCovering in his curtained veil
xxxAnd blushes

editors note:

Celestial shenanigans exposed through this poet’s eye. I’m blushing, too. – mh

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