If we were reindeer

by December 23, 2014 0 comments

If we were reindeer, rustling in the bushes
stealing berries and chocolate kisses
taking moonlight rides
on starry nights with candy cane rainbows
we would slide while ringing bells
and announcing our arrival

If we were reindeer, playing in the North Pole
while Santa Claus reviewed our calls
we’d find new games that would include
all of the reindeer that Santa retained

If we were reindeer, with fur and hoofs
that fly on Christmas eve
giving all the lovely children delight
landing quietly on roofs in mid flight
whispering good wishes to an occasional sight

If we were reindeer, love would be in the air
as we huddled together at the end of our night
singing love songs and cuddling with care
recalling moments we shared
on our once a year adventure

If we were reindeer you would be here

editors note:

All are welcome in the reindeer nation. Too bad its borders open just once a year. – mh

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