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Oh happy human
Why does freedom taste like
Gun metal scraping against concrete daydreams
Less passionate fools

Grinding iron against the history of simple men
Blood from gums in the morning
and swords

At dusk simple men cry

Iron against cold Gods and dew on blades of grass

Love of story
Any story

Please god help me
Any story

We know this is not real
We practice drug meditation
Heavy metal sacrifice

So many writers that we love
Dead like robots

Mothers that we love
Undying robot sacrifice

We walk into oblivion like honorable men
Kill and die

Kill and die
We wake up and kill and die
We fight for little things not understood

We kill nothing
And die into nothing
Thinking harder because we were warned
Ahead of time
A plotless story full of heroes
Death without antithesis

Death ritual
Kill ritual
Blood sacrifice

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