sometime after one

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“license and registration”
i had been speeding – to catch me
she had been speeding too
her hair was brown and her face

was dirty as the moon “license and proof of registration, please”- her skin smelled like skittles as she stared at my crotch like a ghost

through the window i thought i heard her vagina say – i want your chin don’t shave i like it scratchy – and her gun swung like a nipple and her flak

jacket pushed against me like a love swing or a tear – step out of the car and come with me – i said – i’d like to make you come more – as she frisked

me she replied – you know that wasn’t what i meant – i followed her to the motel 8 her eyes were green her hair was down the coin operated

bed was off off white and it was broken i was out of quarters anyway
her mirrored sunglasses watched us
from the nightstand i puked on the

carpet which could take it and had obviously seen worse when she handcuffed me to the bed frame and stuck a finger up my ass i was sixteen again and afraid she unlocked

the cuffs and told me to fuck her up the ass i wished we could have shared some drinks and eaten first
she drew her service revolver and

ordered me to fuck her up the ass
i did and i asked her name and if i
could see her again – she gave me
a ticket for speeding instead

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