My Manic Meds’ Truth: A Sonnet in Waltz Time

by November 17, 2014 0 comments

Make no mistake, its no fun when you’re manic.
When it starts, maybe so, but it soon can turn frantic.
When blindsided by sights it can lead to a panic
I’m writing this way to show its not romantic.

I was in a canoe on a still quiet lake,
So you paddle three times and enjoy the ride.
But when I looked down, it couldn’t be fake,
A small symphony was playing inside.

I couldn’t hear a note, with them all under water,
And I knew down deep that they could not be there.
Just faces and hands that were all in a blur
and then I was past them, but Christ what a scare.

This actually happened because of my meds,
Once more I’d been torn from the reins to my head.

editors note:

A day in the life of a pendulum swinger; symphonically submerged (one, two, three – one, two, three). – mh clay

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