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It’s 1am in Dallas
Most of the Lakewood area
And some of Lower Greenville
Are walking directly towards Oak Cliff
Across the Jefferson Bridge
Against one-way traffic
Looking to hook-up with the drag queen social
In the arts district down the street

Most likely its coke they’re after or maybe speed

From my window I’ll see them coming
And will snipe them down
I’ll use darts loaded with orgy inducing narcotics
Top secret government-issue super drugs
Designed for a mutant urban suburbatronic super-breed of American
Children of the hollow river basin

An Albertson’s parking lot orgy
Will surely break-out
The overstaffed men will turn to light poles
Traffic cones will be passed around as chasers
Shopping carts will be filled with the dead and the mostly dead
A ground beef fountain will be erected
Lubricated with worcestershire sauce

It will be a very weird scene
Will they notice
The meat is not cooked?

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