Corrupted proclamations and judicial fate

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Misrepresented contingencies filling penitentiaries; incarcerating minds, souls and bodies beyond the statistics of greater numbers that were and now are truly innocent, plastered with evidence of hate crimes and the power of money making a shadow of doubt, an unjust formality.

Days run long of unrest, of vengeance becoming a reckoning of another’s expiration; a prison dictation being caught up in a system that eradicates a willing mind and turns the souls of many black.

Reparation, revocation don’t give back time to the life of the one unjustly taken from society and caged, becoming a slave of the state by the unjustifiable dictation of the arguments of twelve, judicial fate and those who didn’t reach out to grab the hook; fixed with the bate of judicial genocide, corrupted proclamations.

editors note:

Regarding our catch and release program; is a fish caught and mangled, then thrown back, free? – mh

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