Travis County Jail
(or public intoxication on 6th Street)

by on September 17, 2014 :: 0 comments

Little girl, you’re
gonna feel the cuffs
bind you to the pipes.
Little mama, you’re
gonna breathe the
dark beneath the hood.
Sweet woman, you’re
gonna taste your
soft gurgled screams.
Because you are uncooperative,
disobedient, recalcitrant,
but we’ll wait you out.
In some other countries,
We’d rape your spirit out.
On some islands,
we’d burn you.
In some deserts,
we’d stone you.
You’re a lucky little girl,
so just shut up for now.
Stop trying to escape.
Accept the power
that binds you.
Comply or we will keep
you with the rats.
Comply or we will devise
a thousand petty tortures
to remind you of that knee
in your chest, the snap of
the trap, how you tried to
break your own wrist
to get away.
Love, honor, and obey
your jailor.
Just marry it- the law, the state,
the way it is. There’s no point
in fighting our authority.
We protect you from yourself.

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