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Run little black boy!
The gun went off; the race began
And the starting line’s still where you stand.
It doesn’t help that you have shoes of concrete,
While the rest got new kicks on their feet.

Little black boy, you need to get to running!

The race is harder for you; no use of complaining
That sunshine’s everywhere, but your lane is raining.
Crying and yelling that this ain’t fair ain’t gon’ help you.
Neither is beggin’, “Slow down!” No! Here’s what you do!


Many have tried and failed. Many already paved the way.
You will help others behind you with the dues you about to pay.
So gotta work harder than everybody if you wanna see the end.
Gotta work even harder than that if you wanna chance to win.

But nothing will happen if you don’t get to running!

editors note:

The Level Playing Field of Life, more level for some than others. (Roderick says he wrote this one “in dedication to Maya Angelou and as always Langston Hughes.” Well done, Rod!) – mh

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