The DA/The Criminalization of Reality

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This is the end of Gravity.
We can live forever
In a place that does not exist.
What does that mean,
“Living in the past”?
Ourselves the mirrors
That most resemble them.
Do we mostly resemble ourselves
Or do we?
When we look into ourselves
The heroes we hide
Show us their idols:
Artificial, complete,
Completely sterile
featuring The Sonic Dildo
By Patrick Carr.
Sugartime and Lucy
Were his disciplants.
They lived at the collective
With sybarite Jesus
From 2150 A.D.
They said,
There’s a scar on your face
For every sin you’ve committed
And two for every grace.
We found this answer
Searching in the wrong place.
We are our heroes’ idols,
I said.
The art of leisure
Is the art of dying easily.
Do not be misled,
Your time is not spent

The hierophants magazined over the waters:
Cognizance and wax.

editors note:

Reality derived through prosecutorial prowess is trumped by sonic sex and a wax job. (Google Patrick Carr for a giggle.) – mh

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