Spring Sedoka

Verses too fragile
For platitude of paper
Crave parchment of his broad chest
With kohl of her eyes
She spins yarns of solitude
Into pillow book of love

Unraveling pages
Between old empty covers
Feels new dark ink drops
Painting fresh squeezed breath
On soft mounds of rising suns
By brush tip bidden

They come in waves
Lay half forgotten by dawn
Dreams stuck in empty covers
Fodder for musing
Beads of rudraksh slip between
Fingers of her compulsion

Dark seed tears uncurl
Insights prayed in circles wide
A thousand more fears vanquished
On new strings are strung
clear lanterns of fresh visions
Between opening lashes

Golden bridge looms
From his eye to hers
Spilled drink from broken glass
Brings her heart on knees
Lit up in pieces
They burn for consummation

Sharp edge of deep gazes
Connects strong silk threads
Fog in two ports stops sight short
Lighthouse lenses shine
Fire onto high waves
Guiding meld of warp and weft

Whirling breathlessly
In blue light his verses weave
She unfurls her newfound wings
To embrace blue pearl
Serpent uncoils and rises
Gorging upon their undoing

Tips of undreamed heights
Splash sheer sheens of undyed eyes
Through wide eyes embracing flame
Intertwining curves
Sing sinewed notes sweetened
Full by her lustered softness

Unbounded stillness
Murmurs in unfathomable
Rolling labyrinth within
Tenacious roots grow
Around ruins of their reason
Amaurosis lighting way

Throbbing beacon echoes
Around beams from distant doors
Squeezing fresh apexes
Now from old growth notes.
Deciphering encrypted.
Melodies of dormant juice

Her verses rebound
Around desperate desert
Await familiar rustle
Of returning feet on the
Gravel of whimsical spring
To thaw frozen muse

His soles hastening
Through mud and dust toward her
Bright welcoming smiles
So once again lips
can create a single song
from beats of two hearts.

– Nalini Priyadarshni & D. Russel Micnhimer

editors note:

These two can tango Kama Sutra sensationally, salaciously! Come again? – mh

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