Turn INNOCENCE into fiction of houses apart, Sunday mass appeal, cigarette stubs, imagination, bus terminals, missus jabber job, wanted: drunk elephants, butterfly wings, Dougie faith, the crucifixion of clowns, Chekhov’s gun, wet nurse mummies—the pyramids, manuscripts, Nutella dream-spread, the suck-cess/pool, story deadlines, love and power lines, pizza porn phrases, Uganda stanzas, madstupid editor.s, disappearances, genie in a nostril, mirror mirror wonderwall, push magic, run river, hippo touch, sergeant sardine in ICU, coffeens, daffodils, sands, your coralline smile, politik swine search, jalousied jealousy, metallic cops, friends with Benetton, Bloc Party rocks, redsun trees covered in words, words, words, words, words, words, words———Words

to make yourself strange, beautiful.

editors note:

Yes! I feel like I’ve been tickled all over. Take me again, Beautiful! – mh clay

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