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Every time I walk into
the grocery store
to buy a case of beer
I pass a rack of
tie died sun dresses.

Every time I think
that I would buy one
for you
if you were still alive.

Every time I think
of how beautiful
you would look
in one.
With your beautiful
and your beautiful

You always looked best
in a dress.
Not in the crazy short
and outfits you would wear
to impress an audience,
that was sexy,
but I loved you best
in just a regular
Hair curly
and looking like a girl.

But you are gone.

I walk by the rack of dresses
think of you
and buy a case of beer.

I go and drink the beer
with my friend.
But you are always
on my mind.

Yes indeed,
you are always
on my mind.

editors note:

Beer to blur the vision of what was, dresses to bring it back, crystal clear. Beer, dress, repeat… – mh

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