Round, Pop, Shout

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Round, pop, shout over aspidistra jungles.
Pout when adolescents dare fail to coruscate.
Don’t let it show, though, if fire departments,
Principals, even janitors, interfere. Hug social media.

Hovering near chemistry lab closets fetch nothing;
Sowing file upon file of empty advertising, too, lacks.
Only ombre-toned hair, half matted in phony dreadlocks,
Or partially shaved from heads, can resuscitate dead networks.

Nonetheless, dreaming’s still free. Fantasy costs zilch.
Riding up and down department store escalators, likewise
Especially in condemned buildings, where fire trucks’ actions,
Resulted in weak and helpless moments, bring about taffy pulls.

Camphor, lithium amide, sulfur are susceptible to exploding.
There’s little chance nose pickers ever evolve into champions;
The underdogs’ guardians are required to possess clean hands, feet.
Alternatively, they employ katanas to cut down bullies, spread peanut butter.

Elsewise, goodie two shoes sandwich themselves on donkeys’ markabs,
Inhale stuff like ketamine, chew betel leaves, belch, perhaps flatulate regularly;
No rescue comes from nonruminant animals chewing phytates, spitting at strangers.
Stumping, though, busies bodies, even impacts those trussed in morphsuits, gives thrills.

Accordingly, legerdemain among natives tired of kissing begets blithe
Relationships, casts off emotions, possibly removes unwanted progeny.
Considers as best actors, those in groups who repeat again, again, again.
Claim others’ words as theirs, hiccup when locked in latrines. It happens.

editors note:

Adolescent trickery absolves good intentions. Sparkle plenty! – mh

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