Fun Nor Fair

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Scorn’s a contrivance that ticks.

“With an hour of free time,
Three balls and these instructions”

The skittle-alley’s polonaise is sheeny as varnish
On bubblecars going crewless.

“Juggling has been touted
As a great stress reliever”

Air-pocket pay-scales would debt me an hour,
Rundling supplied by gears, bobbing,
The bus home – just…

“Throw a ball
In a gentle arc”

*Celebrating 50 Years In Recruitment
Job Title: Assembly Operatives
Details: Assembly Experience Is Essential,
Preferably Within The Automotive Industry.
Pay Rate: £6.68 Per Hour.

QUOTES: Juggling Poet

editors note:

Develop those skills. Perfect your craft. Get ahead or fall behind… – mh clay

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