Where are the Mandelas, the Gandhis of this Century

by May 2, 2014 0 comments

The pandora’s box of terrorism and a world spinning on its head
For our choice of dying, which is a better death
From terrorism or as collateral damage
Either way if you notice
The dead invariably stay dead

Watching, waiting Gods, please look away
Show some patience, hold Your say
Wait till Your judgement day
We the chosen ones
You are confusing with angels
Lest You forget
We are not done killing our own
Not just yet

Whatever happened to kindness
The good old goodness
Why is bitter the new norm
Where are the Mandelas, the Gandhis of this century
Fourteen years in, we are waiting, and so is history
Can you step forward and make yourself known
Before we ruin it all, before it’s all gone

These crazy proxy modern wars
With people dying on all sides
Some not knowing why or for what cause
If killing would make the world safer somehow
Wouldn’t this be a very safe planet by now
If wars were the solution
Where is the “lived happily ever after” conclusion

editors note:

Such damning questions, so beautifully asked. We keep looking for those beautiful answers. – mh

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