The Poor Crowd

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At Last, the poor crowd was made calm
in a mysterious night,
the witness – the moon, was compelled to
hide behind the escaping clouds,
flushing a course of darkness in the sky;
an owl – the other witness,
sitting on the top of a banyan tree
sneaked, swinging the old leaves to shed down.

In the previous scene,
amid the encircling crowd –
hungry, thirsty, disturbed and agitated,
icy and hard was the mountain,
provoked the crowd to
set ablaze a flame of unrecognised emotions,
causing the melting of the icy mountain into
a few streams and fountains –
the blessings for meeting
hunger and thirst of the crowd.

Alas! The haughty mountain was merciless –
featured by devilish cruelty and destructive anger,
erupted fountains of fire and streams of lava
and engraved the poor crowd – hopeful for a new morning,
under the burning blanket of death in that cursed night.

editors note:

Pompeii or apocalypse; poet or prophet? Hmmm… – mh

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